New Book in the Childers Universe, and What’s Next?

Yesterday I put a new book in the Childers Universe up on Kindle. The paperback is probably a couple days away yet, as their approval process is slower. I didn’t want to hold up the Kindle version, which is what most people read.

So GALACTIC MAIL: Revolution! is now available. It has a great cover by Oleg Volk.


So I am now considering which book in the Childers Universe to tackle next. There’s the back story — the prequel, if you would — which is the story of Gerald Ansen and the writing of the Charter, the revolution against Earth, and the destruction of Doma. There are a lot of side stories, of colonization, of revolt against planetary tyrannies, the career stories of some of the side characters, like Beverly Bhatia, the cloak-and-dagger stories that cover the Intelligence Division and Bill Campbell’s career. And there is the main thread going forward — what happens to Galactic Mail. The centrifugal forces within the organization as humanity expands. The successor to Galactic Mail.

Any preferences out there, my readers?

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