Weird Thoughts About Blogging

a new occupation, and a new hobby

Everybody and their brother-in-law has been blogging since forever. I’ve resisted doing it all this time, but I am now retiring from some of my activities, and picking up new ones, for which a blog is appropriate.

The activities from which I am retiring are related to consulting on trade secret litigation. This is not exactly something one can blog about. They’re secrets, after all, and finding them on the net would probably not make clients happy. I can almost guarantee that.

I’ve also set aside some hobbies. Model railroading is one. I’ve planned all of, and built much of, one big layout. I’ve helped a bunch of other people with their layouts. I’ve written a couple dozen magazine articles about various aspects of the hobby. I designed and, for twenty years, marketed a line of electronics for model railroad control. I served as the first webmaster for the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) for ten years. I had a lot of fun with it, but I’m done with it.  I still keep my hand in on other people’s layouts, but I have no desire to build another of my own.

Another hobby I’ve set aside is working on classic cars. I did it back in the day because I had to. Those 1960’s beaters were what I could afford to own and drive, and I learned how to get them running and keep them running. Rebuilding engines, swapping engines and transmissions, tuning finicky carburetion and ignition systems, I did all that. In 2010, I bought a 1978 Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck and did it all again. I re-learned everything I had once known, learned some more, and reworked that truck to be the best it could be. In 2017, needing more comfort and convenience in my daily driver as I age, and having no desire to license, insure, and maintain two vehicles for myself, I sold the Cheyenne and bought a new 2017 GMC Sierra.

I know there are lots of people who get into a hobby and stay at it their whole lives. I’m not one of them. I have a lot of what I call been-there-done-that syndrome in my personality, and when I’m done with something, I’m done. I’ll always have an appreciation for model railroads and classic cars, but, for myself, I’m done with them.

My new activities are primarily writing science fiction. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but engineering, and later consulting, were much more lucrative, and I have developed over the years a taste for being well housed and well fed. Writing is not a way to ensure that. Writers, except for the few hundred mega-writers you hear about all the time, don’t make a lot of money. There are thousands of people writing fiction, even thousands of people writing science fiction, and you never heard of ninety-nine percent of them. Most of them write on the side while working some other job, hoping for their big break. Most never get that big break.

And I probably won’t either. But I enjoy doing it, and am now comfortably retired, so I have a new occupation, a new hobby, and something I can blog about, all rolled into one.